The Village of Corre is a small village located east of France. The town of Corre is located in the department of Département Haute-Saône of the french region Franche-Comté.

It is located in the northwestern corner of the department, almost on the border of the Franche-Comté region with the neighboring region Lorraine.

Corre is located at the confluence of the river Côney in to the Saône. Here also beginns the Canal des Vosges (also called Canal de L’Est), which establishes a navigable route on the Ssône and the Rhône from the northeast of France to the Mediterranean.



Bike along the canal
Possibility of taking long walks on the banks of the Saône
Visit Roman excavation Jonvelle

Camping Car

The restaurant is beautiful located, very close to the port and at the confluence of the Saône and the Vosges channel, next to a quiet place for campers.

Each places are equipped with electricity and water. It‘s also possible to empty the wastewater tank.

A paradise for fishermen!